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Bike Culture Quarterly






Open Road








Oorspronkelijk: 1993




Van Bike Culture Quarterly verschenen tussen 1993 en 2000 twintig nummers. Het inmiddels niet meer bestaande blad, dat zonder adverenties in een Engelse en later ook in een Duitse uitgave verscheen, werd volgens Mike Burrows (die er zelf regelmatig in schreef) gemaakt door 'a well-meaning group of hippie bike nuts'. Hoofdredacteur Jim McGurn formuleerde de pedal power-filosofie achter het blad in het eerste nummer als volgt:
'[…] cycling has, for many people, become much more than great fun. It has become an expression of practical, individualistic alternatives to the destruction of our eco-systems, our communities, our health and our sanity. […] there is now a deeper bicycle culture, whose happy adherents see cycling as a way of life rather than an occasional leisure activity. They wish to see cycle design cutting free from conventions, so that pedal power can be used in more varied and meaningful areas of our lives.'
In BCQ verschenen daarom artikelen over allerlei soorten fietsen en fietsonderwerpen, vaak vanuit een breder maatschappelijk perspectief en met veel aandacht voor ligfietsen en andere alternatieve of innovatieve HPVs. Als opvolger van BCQ wordt VeloVision beschouwd, dat onder redactie van voormalig BCQ-medewerker Peter Eland verschijnt.


Bij Zephyr (LINK) en Liegerad-Datei Verlag (LINK) waren in januari 2004 nog enkele volledige sets te koop.


Een volledige en gedetailleerde inhoudsopgave van alle verschenen nummers, geordend naar onderwerp of auteur (helaas niet per nummer) is te vinden op
Een (niet volledige) inhoudsopgave per nummer vind je hieronder:
Bike Culture Quarterly 1
- Metamorfahrrad
- Bike theft
- Recumbents: new depths
- Dirk Delmondo: bike designer for our times
- East Side Story: cycling in Germany

Bike Culture Quarterly 2
- Recumbents for little ones
- Firm forks and hub brakes
- Bicycle design: first you take a motorcar...
- A rough ride in Poland
- Electric: charging for the future

Bike Culture 3 maakte deel uit van Encycleopedia 94/95.
Bike Culture Quarterly 4:
- Innovations at bike-shows
- Policies for pedalling in the Netherlands
- Solar-powered trailer
- Safer HPV's
- Bike city Berlin

Bike Culture Quarterly 5
- Smart moves in Amsterdam
- Heavy breathing - research on vehicle pollution
- A photographic study of New York cycling
- Racing carts in the desert
- Positives and negatives of electric cars

Bike Culture Quarterly 6
- Innovation: ideas from Amsterdam
- Row-Bike riding on a Thys Roeifiets
- Albanian Adventure
- CycleFest '95
- HPV's: The culture crunch

Bike Culture Quarterly 7
- Future cycling: the smell to come
- Drag facts
- Two views of Vietnam
- Travels with the camera: a bicycle odyssey
- Mobility on wood

Bike Culture Quarterly 8
- Pedal Perestroika
- Poster Art
- Velo-City 95
- The mobile museum
- HPVA World Championships 1995

Bike Culture Quarterly 9
- Bulgaria: expect to be astonished
- A bike for all seasons
- Cartoons from Holland: Low Country laughter
- Cycling for the disabled: Handbikes
- Faired recumbents

Bike Culture Quarterly 10
- The trike is king
- Folding recumbent
- Folding bike conference
- The changing face of the New York courier culture
- The North American recumbent market

Bike Culture Quarterly 11
- Cycling in arctic conditions
- Anger in cycling
- Festival snapshots
- Cycling on rails
- Solar power assisted cycling

Bike Culture Quarterly 12
- Racing in Russia
- Cartoons from Germany
- Limited power-assist cycling
- All you need is lube
- Christiana, cycling in a free state

Bike Culture Quarterly 13
- Folder Forum 2
- Solar Powered Vehicles
- Trailers: Trailing your treasures
- Recumbents: moving targets?
- Carbikes are coming

Bike Culture Quarterly 14
- Carless and carefree
- Ivan Illich: a convivial life
- Critical mass: all the beautiful bikes
- Surfing Amsterdam
- The bikes of the BCQ staff

Bike Culture Quarterly 15
- Bicycle, the biking rock band
- Green wheels for Ghent
- Psycho-cyclists
- The Leonardo legacy
- The cycle collector

Bike Culture Quarterly 16
- Scenes from a world tour
- Human powered funerals
- Fighting for the ferries in Holland
- Folding bike technology
- Cycling in Africa

Bike Culture Quarterly 17
- Bike Shows
- India; Fast cars and Karma
- Roadster revival
- Liège: the city that loved bicycles
- Dan Albone: underestimated pioneer

Bike Culture Quarterly 18
- U.C.I.: cycle design in the freezer
- Canada: bicycles in a big land
- Helsinki - Stockholm by Amphibike
- Trailer tips
- A recumbent without a chain

Bike Culture Quarterly 19
- Spain passes helmet law
- Paris-Brest-Paris: Bon courage!
- Human power and solar flair
- Technology: winter harvest
- Quad biking

Bike Culture Quarterly 20
- Bike Cops in Rwanda
- Polo for the people
- Cycles Maximus
- Songcycles
- HPV's

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